About Us

ALMAHAN Saudi Company ltd (ASCL), was founded in 2008 to pave its way towards the glory of civilization.

ASCL considers the Fundamental courses that keep up with the global renaissance, and modern technology which enables it become a leader in the construction sector, as well as the infrastructure’s development of civil projects, as a witness to the excellence of its expertise in the study of any project starting from idea creation till implementation, though adoption of modern theories to benefit the individual, the state and society.

    Al-MAHAN company is looking forward to assume the status of a pioneer and leader in the provision of construction, and infrastructure projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which has become a necessity at the national level, same as in any developed country, in addition to the development of service sector, and industrial investments in its various forms, while seeking to grab opportunities for growth and prosperity available to it, thanks to its outstanding performance and usual efficiency; while taking into account that workmanship at work is the foundation of success.


    Al-MAHAN Company seeks to achieve its mission through the achievement of its potential objectives and investments in the Kingdom, while maintaining the highest quality standards, keeping up with the technological development, as well as embracing distinct manpower who are share its unique vision. Almahan is working very hard, and diligently to earn the trust and appreciation of its clients, through continuous development of its services, which has been carried on the basis of integrity, teamwork and creativity


    The accuracy of completed works and the on-time delivery, lead to complete satisfaction and close relationship with our clients. Our services are characterized by the following:
    Modern tools and equipment.
    Talented team.
    competitive prices.
    Quick Support.